Wow, it’s crazy to think that I’ve been here in Hungary for over two weeks already — where did the time go!? My days in the fabulous city of Budapest thus far have been spent trying to acclimate myself to life in a large city and also figuring out what exactly I’ll be doing during my year or so here.

So far everyone from the Reformed Church in Hungary (RCH) is thrilled to have me here, and I have my time split between a few different areas of church life. It’s looking like I’ll be working in the mornings at the Ecumenical office of the RCH  doing English communications work that consists of things like running the English website, writing articles, and helping to fine-tune articles that have already been translated from Hungarian to English. I’ll rotate my afternoons between helping at an after-school program run by the RCH Roma Mission and acting as a volunteer coordinator for the RCH Refugee Ministries. On Friday mornings I will be working at a local Roma elementary school in my district with a Hungarian teacher to teach the kids English.

My schedule is still being fine tuned, but for now I’m both thrilled and slightly overwhelmed with all of the different tasks they’re having me take on. I have a lot of worries right now about not being able to adequately perform the work that they want me to do, mostly in teaching English. I’ve had no formal training in this whatsoever and I fear that I won’t do a good job, thus disappointing myself and the Hungarian partners here in Budapest. I also worry about getting burnt out; the non-profit sector is notorious for being underfunded and understaffed, and the RCH is no exception. Because I’m a native English speaker, my time and skills are in high demand in these specific ministries that have for so long not had enough volunteers to fulfill their potential. I worry that I will become pulled in so many directions, by well-meaning and passionate church staff, that I will lose focus of my own self-care.

Only time will tell though. For now I’m going to delve into these roles they want me to fill and see how everything feels, and then adjust as necessary. I’ll keep you all updated as I navigate my new jobs and experiences!

Prayers and positive energy are appreciated!