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Written February 24th

Today was wonderfully free-flowing and just what I needed. Dia and I were going to spend the morning at the office with Alexandra, but work came up and she had to take care of a few things – so we made some impromptu adjustments. I took off to run errands with one of the admin women, going buy school supplies for the kid’s language classes and then snacks to pass out in the nursery program.

When we were done, Dia and I left with one of the nonprofit’s five caretakers to learn more about his role in the program. He took us to see four different properties, three just outside of Katerini and one near the center, talking to us about things that would need fixed in each one before new families could move in.

Each of the caretakers is responsible for around twelve apartments and they are the sole contact for those spaces. It’s up to them to get the place cleaned and stocked before a family moves in, and then they to stay in touch with the folks and fix things that might go wrong or solve various living space related problems that may arise. As we walked around the apartments and learned more about the practical aspects of his work, we also heard about his personal reasons for getting involved.

The three of us talked about feeling a calling towards a vocation, living out your faith in an active way, and the struggles of doing this kind of work in Greece. After spending just three or four hours with this man, I seriously want him to be my life coach. Our conversation was so fulfilling and I was reminded that ultimately I am called to live a life of purpose to serve my god, whatever shape that takes, even if it doesn’t fit the standards of a successful life as dictated by societal norms.

When we were done visiting the properties, Dia and I headed off to another language lesson with the kids, this time to learn Greek. Dia sat with the older girls, helping to reign them in and keep them focused, while I sat with the brother and sister pair from the last English class (the one where I cried..). The class was two hours long and i honestly feel like i gained so much Greek knowledge from it, in addition to helping the kids so that the teacher could focus on other students in need.

Following the discussions about listening to voice of god in your everyday life that we had with the caretaker, I feel like I was hyper aware of all that in the midst of the language lesson – it became clear to me that I feel a genuine pull to work with people on the move, especially children. They’ve captured my heart and soul, both here and back in Budapest. I suppose only time will tell how this calling will play out in my life..