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A few days ago I said goodbye to my community at Kalunba for the next two weeks as I journey to Katerini, Greece for job training and so much more.

As I said farewell to everyone, I was reminded that I have the most compassionate, loyal, dedicated, and supportive male friends in the world at Kalunba. I feel lucky to be loved and cared for by so many.

Before I left for the day, I did the rounds and gave everyone a personal goodbye and my men intuitively moved towards me to embrace me before my journey. It was beautiful. For these men, many of them Muslim, being so close to a woman isn’t always the norm, and to show such a vulnerable side of themselves in the middle of the community center was touching for me. I was held by Iranian, Afghani, and Somali men who hugged me tight and wished me safe travels, telling me that they wanted to hear all about my adventures when I return.

Even though I will only be gone for two weeks, I will miss these men dearly while I’m away – wondering how their language classes are progressing, how their jobs are working out, and if they’re enjoying enough time in the sunshine.

I am truly humbled by the abundance of love in my life. These men are a blessing to me and the other lucky people that they become close with. I’m honored that they care for me so much, because I adore all of them.